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Creative Portfolio


Leonie Meyer is a Tasmanian based artist, known for her detailed coloured 

pencil works, specifically her bird illustrations. Achieving almost a photo realistic outcome 

from this humble medium. Not content to one creative pursuit Leonie is a graphic & digital designer 

graduating from LCI Melbourne with a focus on creating replica graphics and signage potentially for 

museums and television.  The list goes on with her interests in, sewing historical clothing, crotchet, 

pyrography, glass etching, folk-art, restoring old furniture and model building. As an amateur 

photographer as well, she captures most of the images used in her illustrative work.   

Coloured Pencil Artworks

Superb Fairy Wren


Coloured Pencil on 

Canson's Mi-Teintes Paper

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo


Coloured Pencil on

Canson's Mi-Teintes Paper

Aliera's Adventure


Coloured Pencil on

Canson's Mi-Teintes Paper



Coloured Pencil on

Canson's Mi-Teintes Paper

Altered Photography - Design 

I was given the opportunity to present some of my altered photographic designs to Freedom, a furniture and homewares chain in Australia & New Zealand.

I adapted images to suit cushions deck chairs and outdoor floor cushions

The designs focused on different flowers and rocks.  Altered yet still recognisable.

Creating altered photos is a quick alternative to the hours spent doing the coloured pencil work.  And the results are bright and cheerful.

Replica Work

This body of work was created for educational purposed as a final UNI assignment and was not recreated for monitory gain.  All replicas were from the 1950, 60s 

Artist Statement


There are several reasons why I created this project, a love of history; focusing on a time when labels, showcards, ticketwriting and hand painted signage were at their height adorning every retail venue from the local corner shop to the largest department store. It is also a childhood fascination with replicating old labels and lettering.

The vision for this project was to bring to life the local corner store through the model, miniatures, packaging, signage and products from and represent an ere before perfect computer generated graphics.

I have thrown everything at this project, building a model out of cardboard, balsa wood and lots and lots of glue, replicating all the packaging from the late 1950s, early 1960s. Hand panting some of the artworks and creating all the miniatures from whatever material worked through trial and error.

Molly’s Corner Store I hope is a trip down memory lane for some who look at it, and for others an piece where they find a new interesting little item every time they look at it.

This work is a complete deviation from my previous work of photo realistic, coloured pencil wildlife drawings and pet portraits. It has expanded my digital skill set and reignited some hand crafting techniques I have not touched in several years.  

Mixed Design & 3D Works

Get in touch!


Leone M. Meyer

Suite 26

10 Emu Bay Road

Deloraine Tasmania 7340


(+61) 0408010188


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